General diary entries


It’s the end of a very productive three days!
Lots of college work completed, time out with my man and I actually made a start on the Xmas shopping…….. and wrapped it!!
At this rate our trip to York for Xmas shopping will just be an excuse to spoil ourselves because all the Xmas shopping will be finished!
Well not quite, there’s still plenty to do but at least I’ve made a dent in it.

Tomorrow is the start of a loooong week.
There is light at the end of the tunnel however.
An 18 day break!!
That will be more than enough time to finish Xmas shopping, do some baking and get the house all twinkly and ready for Xmas.
Look out kids!
The Xmas Nazi is on her way!!!

Back to tonight and it’s finally time to snuggle under the duvet because it’s bloody freezing!!!
I’m usually a bit of a night owl but I don’t think that will be happening today!
I’m pooped.

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