General diary entries


So much for a relaxing day tomorrow.
A call out of the blue to re-arrange an appointment to Friday and one to arrange a new appointment on Friday.
That and the small Tesco shop I was going to do is now going to have to be a shop for the entire week as Ian has re-arranged some shifts and now clashes with me so he won’t be around for any shopping!!

To rub salt into the wound I got a couple of messages from work this evening asking if I could change my Saturday shift to Friday which I had to decline!!
So either way I would be busy tomorrow.
Would have been nice to have the whole weekend off before a tough week ahead… hey ho!

Anyway, today was also pretty busy.
I had my college assessment this morning and things are going great.
The Unit I finished on Weds was signed off without needing anymore work doing to it, so that makes three units in a row now that have been signed off without the need for more work.
I’m a bit chuffed with myself.
I believe that’s all the compulsory units finished now so I’m now starting my chosen units.

After that, I went out for a late breakfast with Ian and then we actually made a start on some Xmas shopping!!
Apart from stocking fillers we’ve got all of Marjories Xmas box.
After a quick tea, we then went to the cinema to snatch one last chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema again.
I know it comes out on Bluray on 24th but seeing it in the cinema is best!!

We got in from that just after 9pm and then Dharma announced she wanted to go to Tescos to get some Xmas presents.
Apparantly what she’d seen was on offer and she didn’t know how long the offer was going to last.

So finally, I think, it’s actually time to put my feet up.
Will I make it through a film?
I doubt it but it’s worth a try!!

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