General diary entries


One of the benefits of working 12.5 hour shifts is the fact that occasionally my shifts will mean that I have a run of three days off.
That’s exactly what’s happened this week.
It couldn’t have come at a better time.
The worry about the house inspection is over and we passed with flying colours.
I only have one more week to go and then I’m on annual leave for two weeks!!

Tomorrow I have a college assessment.
I’m not expecting it to take too long.
I’m happy with how things are going and I’m more than up to date with my units.
This week alone I have uploaded two units AND had them signed off with no more work needed.
Today I plan on finishing my third unit for this period and upload it to my online portfolio.
If that passes inspection I will be ahead of schedule as these three units have been given until 28th November for completion.

After my assessment tomorrow I will be going to breakfast with Ian and then we are going to do a little Xmas shopping and then tomorrow evening we are going to take another chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema as it has a take two showing for one day. With our Unlimited cards the cost just doesn’t bother us!! It’s brilliant.

Friday will be spent doing a quick top up shop and then putting my feet up for the afternoon.
It’s going to be a tough week from Saturday.
I’m working Sat, Mon, Tues, Thurs and Frid before my annual leave.
62.5 hours all crammed into 7 days.
It will be worth it though. Just over 2 whole weeks with nothing to think about except getting ready for Xmas and starting it all off with a few days in York.
Ian’s Dad and step mum are also going to be meeting us on one of our evenings in York and treating us to dinner.
Can’t wait.
I don’t get a chance for a spending spree very often and we’ve been manipulating money all year to accomodate Xmas and I also have money in my pocket that Dad gave me for my birthday so I’ll be able to spoil myself as well!!

Right, time to actually start that last college unit!!

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