General diary entries


Seven is the magic number!!
Only seven more shifts until two weeks annual leave.
Unfortunately I’m doing 4 of them (50 hours) over the next 5 days!!
I do have three days off at the end of it though.
However, I really need to get on with some college work.
I want to get these three units finished before my annual leave so I can have a complete break from work and college.

It all starts Saturday 22nd November!! Can’t wait.
I’ll be off to York for a few days of Christmas shopping with Ian on the Sunday and then the Xmas Nazi will be in full swing when I get back home.
Baking, wrapping presents, writing and posting cards, getting the Xmas decs up.
All interspersed with a few bevvies, nibbles and movies…. Guardians of the Galaxy out on Bluray 24th November!!
Perfect timing.

So, what’s been happening till now?
Apart from work, college work and worrying about our inspection on Monday… not a lot.
Dharma had her first physio appointment about her knee and hopefully things aren’t as bad as I was starting to think they were.
The injury she got swimming back in Feb time could well have been the start of the problem and her hyper mobility may have exacerbated the problem.
Looks like the muscles have gone to sleep around the knee giving some pain that then makes her stop using the knee which makes the muscles go to sleep even more which gives even more pain!!
Viscious circle!!
The only thing worrying me now is the degeneration seen on the MRI.
But we are going to have to wait until November 26th to find out about that one.
Until then Dharma has exercises to do which should hopefully wake those muscles up a bit and help reduce the pain.

Anyway, I’d love to just sit here and blog a bit more and even get some college work done but I now have to go to work.
Need to win the lottery!!

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