Month: November 2014


I haven’t been on Tumblr too much over the last week so I thought I’d check it out and see what’s been going on.
I nearly died choking on my beer when I saw a set of Animated GIFs from a film I have been waiting to see now for 3 years!
They were posted by Karlurbaninternational. Not sure if they were responsible for the GIFs but I’m sure they’ll let me know.
Credit where credit is due and these GIFs need lots of credit!!

Strip 01 Strip 02 Strip 03gif

The Loft
Production wrapped in 2011 but due to a change of distributor has been put on hold and had release dates set and then pulled at the last minute.
I’ve been champing at the bit to see this film.
I’ve never seen Karl play a sleezeball before.

It finally had a release at a film festival in Belgium in October this year.
It is set for release in Canada on December 11th and then in the US on January 23rd.
Romania even has a release date of January 30th.
Is there a release date for the UK?


C’mon, they can’t do this to me.
I need a cold shower.


It always amazes me.
All the chores that always need doing, you never want to do when you have work the next day.
When you have annual leave all those chores are done and dusted by midday and you couldn’t care less.

This week we have spent three wonderful days in York spending far too much money on Xmas presents.

The Minster NEVER fails to take my breath away!

Back Pack
We even had to buy a HUGE rucksack to help carry all the shopping… and this was just one day!!

We’ve had an Orthopaedic appointment for Dharma about her knee which has basically stated she has some irritation behind the kneecap and as long as Dharma puts some hard work into her Physio she should be back to normal in 5 or 6 months!!
We’ve been into town to finish off some odds and ends Xmas shopping.
I’ve wrapped all the presents.
Yesterday we GUTTED the garage making 2 dump runs and put a few bits on Freegle.
Today I’m going to get dinner at Tesco’s and then I’m going to put my feet up!
I’m going to chill before I start to think about Xmas decorations over the weekend.

Next week will be Xmas food week.
Shopping and baking and no doubt eating and drinking far too much along the way.


Yesterday was a really good day.

Marjorie and Dharma are having a wonderful time fleecing Grandad and Murron sent me a photo of a cooked breakfast she’d made for herself and Arthur to prove to me that she won’t starve!
Just hope she cleaned the kitchen!

Me and Ian had a lovely walk around York centre re familiarising ourselves with everything and ended the day at Wilde’s Bar and Bistro before heading back to the B&B.
We were so tired we were both asleep before 9pm!!!
We subsequently spent half the night waiting for the alarm to go off because we woke up so early.

Anyway. It’s now time for breakfast before we head off for some serious Xmas shopping.


It may be wet and horrible out there but we are not going to let that put the dampeners on the next few days.

It’s just gone 7am on a SUNDAY morning and we are just about to finish off the packing before making a move for York.

The kids are happy.
Dharma and Marjorie are checking into the Hotel Leadbetter today where they will be spoilt rotten for a few days.
My Mum never cooked me a breakfast before school in the mornings!!

Murron is staying at home.
We’ve given her some money for food but I suspect we will be coming home to a nose piercing!!
Hey Ho… as long as it’s not a tattoo just yet I can live with piercings.
She’s too young for a tat. She needs a bit more of a head on her shoulders and know her way in the world before she commits to a Tattoo.

Anyway, back to today.
Checking into the B+B at 14:00
Before that it will be shopping.
After that it will be more shopping and dinner.
Monday and Tuesday will be leisurly shopping, interspersed with a little drinking and dining.
Our aim over the next few days is to get the Xmas shopping finished.
We’ve already got the bulk of the kids Xmas goodies and are onto stocking fillers for them.
It’s shopping for others that we really need to concentrate on.

OK, let’s get this party started!!


It’s the crack of dawn.
I’m up.
I’m dressed.
The coffee is flowing…. strong.
I have a smile on my face.

Yes, there’s definately a little spring in my step this morning.
I will be grinning from ear to ear at work today and annoying all my colleagues when I explain why.
Come 8pm tonight I will be on annual leave!!
18 days of annual leave!!

I will be kicking it off with a bit of pampering tomorrow as I get rid of the 2 inch grey roots in my hair.
I will follow that up by doing a little shopping and preparing for a small trip to York on Sunday.
Three days doing Xmas shopping, wining and dining.
Then home and into full on Xmas Nazi mode.

Can’t wait!


I came in from work tired and thankful for a day off tomorrow.
I’ve just been sat in front of the computer with a couple of chicken melts and a beer, trawling through some of the days goings on on Facebook when I came across a posting by a family member.

Nothing out of the ordinary there you might think, except that this was really an unexpected and very eloquent post that sums up quite nicely what a lot of people are thinking at the moment.
It’s also a post I never expected Adrian Hartley Booth to write.
Short of the occasional proud Dad posts and bantering with mates, Adrian doesn’t post anything like this.
I think he has a talent for it and should start a blog!!

Facebook – 18th November 2014 – Adrian Hartley Booth

Taken from Telegraph……..mmmmm quite a few good points
Bono worth 700 million ….majority from buying and selling facebook shares
Geldof worth 150 million and makes a lot of money from renting out properties(give some of those rooms up to the homeless………I’m not sure if he does or doesn’t )
Fair play they did very well and nothing wrong with that but………you make a song and dance about osborne waiving the tax…….when Bono employs accountants to move his money around to avoid tax under residency rules….again perfectly legal….I’d be more impressed if he went on the x factor and showed a video of him making a bacs transfer to the charity of 10 million …..

I have so many problems with the latest Band Aid single that I don’t really know where to begin, but begin we must so let’s get going with the fact that two-thirds of the line-up are unrecognisable to anyone over the age of 30 – not least Bono, who in the group photo looks as if he’d rather be anywhere else than at the feet of a YouTube Vlogger (Zoella) and slightly to the left of a bloke who once lost The X Factor (Olly Murs).
Still, that’s not really a bearing on the single as such – it’s more a sign of how out-of-touch I am with popular culture, that when I looked at the picture my thoughts were ‘gosh, it looks like a school photo on mufti day!’, followed by ‘thank goodness for One Direction – making elderly women feel young since 2010’.
My real problem is Geldof’s insistence on shaming Adele for not appearing on the track. “Adele is doing nothing,” said Geldof at the weekend. “She’s not answering the phone… she’s not writing. She’s not recording. She doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone. She won’t pick up the phone to her manager. She’s bringing up a family, you know.”
This is as condescending as the song itself – do Africans know it’s Christmas? Given that over 500 million people living there are Christians, we must presume the answer to that is yes – and worse, it is a form of bullying that has sneeringly been dressed up as do-gooding.
The message is loud and clear, even if the music isn’t: Geldof is here to save West Africa from Ebola, and Adele, with her peculiar un-celebrity desire to sod the limelight as she brings up a toddler, is a selfish little woman who must be publicly humiliated.

Later, we learnt that Adele had quietly made a private donation to Oxfam. But in the shallow, self-promoting world of celebrity, the simple and silent act of handing over money to charity is not the done thing – that’s what we impoverished plebs do.
Instead, the rich and famous donate their precious time, and for this they expect to be celebrated and congratulated, as if before they flashed their expensively whitened teeth in the video for a song, we had no idea that Ebola was a problem, or that thousands of Africans were spending their last days on this earth in unimaginable horror, bleeding from every orifice, unable even to be comforted by their family and loved ones.

“Give us your f***ing money,” was Geldof’s message way back when, and it is his message now – you all dig deep and give up your hard earned cash because these famous people who make millions singing songs have deigned to give up a few hours of their time on a weekend.
“We really can stop this… foul little plague,” said Geldof when he appeared on BBC Breakfast yesterday morning, with no mention of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which has raised £20 million for the region, or Medecins sans Fronteries, who have been out there since March.
It’s not the troops deployed to Sierra Leone who are going to make a real difference – that honour will go to Geldof and his merry army of pop stars, even though they probably think a hazmat suit is a creation by a hot new designer.
Which all reminds me of something Noel Gallagher said during Live 8 nine years ago: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but are they hoping that one of these guys from the G8 is on a quick fifteen-minute break at Gleneagles and sees Annie Lennox seeing ‘Sweet Dreams’ and thinks ‘f**k me, she might have a point there, … we should really drop the debt, you know’. It’s not going to happen, is it?”
But anyone who refuses to go along with Geldof is pilloried or sworn at; so, when a Sky News presenter asked him a perfectly reasonable question yesterday morning about the tax practices of some of the artists featured on the song, his only answer was “it’s b******s”. This is the kind of response you might expect from a 21-year-old with a YouTube channel, but from a 63-year-old trying to engage the public in a subject as grave as Ebola, it just seems churlish. How can he expect us to take him seriously if he cannot behave in a serious manner himself?
Nobody wants a world full of Ebola, but nor do I want a world full of Malaria and HIV and Tuberculosis and numerous other diseases – not to mention conditions such as hunger and poverty – that are destroying the lives of many millions of Africans every day.
Certainly, I don’t want to be told how to behave philanthropically by a man worth an estimated £32 million, a man who is said to use tax avoidance schemes (it is telling that when a journalist asked him two years ago how much tax he paid, Geldof exploded at her, saying: ‘My time? Is that not a tax?’ Well, no, Bob, it isn’t).
I don’t want to be implored to give charitably by a band that travels in separate private jets because they don’t get on (One Direction), or by a man who avoids Irish taxes while simultaneously telling the Irish government to help developing countries (Bono).

“It really doesn’t matter if you don’t like this song,” said Geldof as he launched it, “what you have to do is buy this thing.” But do we? Really? If we don’t, does this make us unfeeling and uncaring, or does it mean that we have already donated money to the cause, or a different cause, even?
This, I think, is my main objection to Band Aid 30: it is all predicated on a belief that the British public are mean-spirited and uncharitable, when in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time the likes of Geldof stopped asking us to give money, and like Adele, started donating some themselves. Charity, after all, begins at home.


It’s the end of a very productive three days!
Lots of college work completed, time out with my man and I actually made a start on the Xmas shopping…….. and wrapped it!!
At this rate our trip to York for Xmas shopping will just be an excuse to spoil ourselves because all the Xmas shopping will be finished!
Well not quite, there’s still plenty to do but at least I’ve made a dent in it.

Tomorrow is the start of a loooong week.
There is light at the end of the tunnel however.
An 18 day break!!
That will be more than enough time to finish Xmas shopping, do some baking and get the house all twinkly and ready for Xmas.
Look out kids!
The Xmas Nazi is on her way!!!

Back to tonight and it’s finally time to snuggle under the duvet because it’s bloody freezing!!!
I’m usually a bit of a night owl but I don’t think that will be happening today!
I’m pooped.