General diary entries


It’s my last day of annual leave.
The week has gone so quickly, as it always does.
The good news is that I only have four weeks of work before I have 2 weeks off!!

It’s that time of year again.
It’s become a bit of a tradition for me.
Since I started working again in 2008 I take the last week in November and the first week in December as annual leave.
This allows me to get everything ready for Xmas.
The presents get bought and wrapped.
Cards get written and posted.
Baking gets done and frozen.
Decorations go up.

This year is going to be a little different though.
Me and Ian have decided to take a couple of days in York for some Xmas shopping and a break.
We need it.
Since we stopped selling at collector fairs and conventions we’ve lost our weekends away.
We haven’t had a holiday since 2010.
We’ve not been particularly lucky with our shifts this year.
Ian hasn’t always been able to get annual leave at the same time as me.
If Ian’s working, I’m not. If I’m working Ian’s not.
We might snatch a breakfast out together on a day that Ian is going onto nights.
On the odd day we do get together we try and squeeze in a cinema trip, but that’s about it.
So!, we cleared it with Nan so the kids are covered, not that they need much looking after these days, and we’ve booked ourselves into a B&B for a couple of nights.
10 -15 minute walk away from the walls of York City.
I’ve even got a bit of personal spending money courtesy of Mum and Dad for my birthday.
Can’t wait.

Anyway, back to today.
The sun is out and my head is telling me to get a couple of hours work done in the garden.
My heart is telling me to put my feet up and enjoy my last day off!

I may compromise and do both.
It’s not yet 9am, I could get quite a lot done in the garden by midday and then I can have the afternoon to chill.

There’s an Unlimited screening of Nightcrawler on at the cinema tonight but as Ian is on nights and it’s an Unlimited only screening it would mean going on my own.
It’s not on until 20:15 so I won’t be home until well after 10pm.
I do want to see the film, just don’t think I’ll be up to it today.
We’ll see.

Well, this isn’t getting anything done.
Better make a move.

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