General diary entries


I’ve had a lovely week off work.
I’ve spent time just pottering around the house, watching movies, going out to breakfast and having a lovely meal out to celebrate my birthday.
I’ve done a tiny amount of college work and absolutely no work in my garden what so ever!!
I may just regret that but… hey ho!!

Anyway, I’ve just taken a look at some of the films I’ve watched over the last week.

Edge of Tomorrow
Day After Tomorrow
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Prince of Persia
Red Dawn
The Ten Commandments
Man of Steel
Avengers Assemble
Captain America: The First Avenger

I wanted to see what attracted me to them.
There are 2 films starring Tom Cruise and these films I would put down to great stories and effects, as I have never found Tom Cruise himself to be very appealing.
There is one Karl Urban movie and it is also a great action/comedy.
There are surprisingly no Joel Kinnaman movies in there but that may be rectified tonight as I fancy a little Robocop!
There is a young Mel Gibson movie in there. Blue eyes and incredible looks.
There is a classic movie in there with one of my very first hollywood crushes, Charlton Heston.
The bulk of the movies consist of heroes.
Superman, Prince of Persia, Captain America, The Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, Cap America, Hawkeye)

It’s when I look at those hero movies that I begin to notice a pattern.
The shoulder to waist ratio of most of the actors…. particualarly Chris Evans…… is something I find very appealing.
So does my daughter Marjorie apparantly as I found her giggling to herself everytime there was a close up shot of Chris Evans’ butt walking into shot in The Avengers!

Let’s start with Chris Evans.
He has played 2 superheroes on the big screen, Johnny Storm in Fantastic four and Steve Rogers (Captain America) in both Captain America movies and Avengers Assemble.
He was amazing looking with a cocky attitude in Fantastic four but has built on his physique for Captain America and now he has a shoulder to waist ratio to absolutely die for!

chris evans 01 chris evans 02

Chris Hemsworth as Thor also has a physique with and incredible shoulder to waist ratio.

Chris Hemsworth 04

Chris Hemsworth 05

Henry Cavill has been a bit of a surprise over the last few years.
He caught my attention in The Tudors but when this show finished he picked up work in Hollywood.
He started working on his physique for Immortals and then won the role of Superman in Man of Steel.
For Superman he expanded his physique even more until he was virtually unrecognisable from his role in The Tudors.

Henry Cavill 4

Shoulder to waist!

Henry Cavill 5

As a movie goer, I am in fangirl heaven at the moment.
There are countless superhero movies on the go.
Marvel and DC are battling it out for supremacy and so are the actors!!
It’s wonderful!

Where does poor old Joel stand in all of this?
He’s still my number one actor and it looks like he’s working on that shoulder to waist ratio.
Heaven on a stick would be him landing a superhero role with Marvel!!


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