General diary entries


I took this week off with all good intentions.
My intention was to get some college work done and get the garden ready for the winter.

Have I done any of it?


Do I care?


To be honest, I think I just needed a complete break from normality and it’s been lovely.
It’s gone way too quickly though.

I’ve been out to breakfast a couple of times and I had a lovely meal out on Tuesday evening.

Today is my birthday and I’m spending it alone.
Ian is at work, the kids are all at school/college.
I’ve just paid all the bills for the month and I’m about to do a rather large shop at Tesco.

After that I was going to take a look at some college work but as I’m slightly ahead of my plans with that at the moment I’ve decided that it can wait another day!
This afternoon is going to be a movie afternoon and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Unfortunately there’s nothing on at the cinema that I haven’t seen.
I’ve seen ‘The Maze Runner, Gone Girl, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Fury’
Box Trolls is not really my thing!!
Intersteller is not out until next week.
My next trip to the cinema will be on Monday with an Unlimited screening of ‘Nightcrawler’ which looks really good.
I like Jake Gyllenhaal anyway and it looks like he’s really thrown himself into this part.

Anyway, time to get this shop done, I’m wasting movie time!!

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