General diary entries


It’s been a long tough week but I am now on annual leave for just over a week!!

I came home last night to an empty house with Ian at work, 2 of the kids checked into the Hotel Nanny and Grandad and one off out with her mates.
It was lovely…. until I had a nose through some e-mails.

One e-mail that came in at 20:09 was from EON telling us that they want to change our Direct Debit.
At first I was a little excited because we have spent the last year clearing a horrendous £700 debt after we discovered our boiler was badly on the fritz and constantly trying to heat water even when the water was to temperature.
Because of that our monthly Direct Debit went up from £145 to £215 and we accepted that because after the debt was cleared we would expect it to come back down again.
This is what was agreed at the time and it has been working.
We’ve just got our new bill and after one more direct debit we will be in the clear which means that by the next bill there will be 2… possibly three more payments of £215 taking our account £430 – £645 into CREDIT!!

Needless to say we were happy with this.
This is why I was expecting something completely different from this e-mail.

This e-mail however, jovially informed us that our Direct Debit would need to go up to £299!!!

There is no way that is correct.
Their system has automatically looked at our usage over the last year which includes a period where the boiler was fucked and has generated an automatic Direct Debit increase to cover that kind of usage over this winter.
Not only that, but they sent the e-mail out on a Saturday evening knowing full well we can’t contact them until Monday morning!!

Needless to say, Ian will be on the phone first thing because I am just too angry right now.
But to put it quite frankly, EON can go fuck themselves if they think I am giving them another £80 a month!!
Come the next bill I want my Direct Debit dropped below the £200 mark.
If they refuse to stop this ludicrous DD increase then I will be cancelling the DD, clearing what we owe using a credit card and going elsewhere!!
It’s been one fuck up after another on every bill since we moved into this place which is a shame because for the ten years prior to this house they were fantastic!
Very disappointed and angry.

Right, now that’s off my chest, I’m going to crack open a bottle of Pinot and watch a movie.

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