General diary entries


OK, my patience has now stretched to it’s absolute limit!
If something doesn’t happen soon it’s going to snap!

Dharma is now on her second day off school because she can’t walk and I had to miss half a day of work to get her to A+E yesterday because we thought her knee had locked.
As it turns out, the knee is not locked but she is in so much pain she can’t bend it.
After yet another X-Ray, a dose of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen AND Codeine we were sent home and told that we just need to wait for the Orthopaedic referral appointment to come through!!


We’ve been waiting over two bloody months so far and Dharma has gone from having a niggly problem with a little bit of pain to being in absolute agony, most of the time, and can barely walk without the aid of crutches!!
Something is not right and it’s not fair to ask a 12 year old to just put up with it and wait.

Right, time for a cuppa, time to calm down a little so that I can talk to the GP without losing my cool!!

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