General diary entries


It’s been a nice three days off work.
Nothing much happening, just taking it easy.
Enjoying doing nothing much for a change.

And that’s it, apart from some cleaning around the house yesterday, I’ve done virtually nothing.

I went to the cinema on Friday to see Dracula Untold.
I hope this gets a sequel!!
Without giving too much away, it was a refreshing look at the Vlad the Impaler story that actually leaves you rooting for Dracula!!
I just hope they get the chance to make the sequel thay are so obviously setting up for!

I also went to see Gone Girl.
Without my unlimited card this is probably a film I would have waited to see on DVD.
I’m glad I went, even though I was on my own.
It’s a good film.
It keeps you guessing.
The only problem is that the ending is one of the most frustrating and unsatisfying ends to a movie in history!!


You’re actually going to end it there and not give the audience what they want to see.
A certain someone getting their just desserts!!


Anyway, back to the rest of today.
Time for some dinner, some wine and what the hell….. another movie.

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