General diary entries


Well, Dharma’s appointment wasn’t quite what we had expected yesterday.
We went in expecting to talk about her knee but it turns out the surgeon wanted to check her hips!!

After an explanation it made perfect sense and I’m actually pleased that it was checked.
She is apparantly still getting an appointment with a Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon but her symptoms were flagged because a lot of knee pain in children actually stems from a problem with the hips.
Missing a problem with the hips is more serious, so we were there to rule it out.
She had a thorough examination and her hips were x-rayed and they were given the all clear.

We are now back to waiting for an appointment for the knee.
A bit frustrating, especially for Dharma and she was a little upset about it but at least a potentially more major problem has been ruled out.

Back to today and I am frustrated for a very different reason and more than a little angry.

I wanted to take a few hours out at the cinema and as it’s teacher training day at school I decided to treat Marjorie.
The film is a 15 certificate.
Marjorie turned 15 last month.
Could we buy a ticket?

We could not prove Marjorie is 15 and apparantly a birth certificate is not enough.
Passport? Nope, she’s never been abroad so hasn’t needed one.
Driving licence? Nope, she’s not old enough.
Apparantly we need to get her a citizen card!


I am sick to death of the hoops I have to go through to prove my kids are who they say they are and are as old as they are.
We’ve just gone through hoops to get Murron a driving licence.
In fact, I’m half expecting that aplication back through the post because something we’ve provided as proof is not adequate!

Poor Marjorie.
It’s now just cost us £15 to get the application.
We have now got to go and get some passport photos.
She then has to take it all into school to get a teacher to sign their life away.
We need to stick it in the post and then wait.
How long for is anyone’s guess.
By the time she gets it back the film we were going to see probably won’t be showing anymore.

I’m sorry but it’s got to a level now where you need so much to prove who you are when applying for things that citizen cards should be issued automatically at the age of 15.
A citizen card that is recognised by ALL organisations without question.

I’ve got a headache!

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