General diary entries


OK, the decision has been made.
Today is a day off.
Mum has been round and caught up on my ironing.. (spoilt!! I know!)
Ian is in bed because he’s on nights, so I can’t do any hoovering.
I’ve got dinner sorted and had a quick tidy up.
I have three days off over the weekend for a real clean up around the house.


Today is going to be a movie day.

I’ve had a couple of hours to think it over and I have come to the conclusion that today I am definately in the mood for a bit of this!

today 01

And this.

today 02

Possibly a little of this.

today 03

I might end the day on a litte of this!

today 04

A few nibbles, a couple of beers……
Could be a perfect day!

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