General diary entries


So that’s it then?
Half way through the first season of Outlander and now we’re having a hiatus.
The americans love to have a hiatus.
How long will this break be?

6 MONTHS!!!!

6 MONTHS!!!!

I may just cry.
They can’t do that to me.
I waited 15 years after my first reading of Outlander (Cross Stitch) to see this brought to the screen.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would get it as right as they did and now, just as we are really getting into the swing of things, they’re having a break.


Well, with any luck, in that time a UK TV channel will be smart enough to buy it and air it.

So where have they left us?


‘I’ll thank ye,’ said a cool, level voice, ‘to take your hands off my wife.’
Jamie was crouched in the window frame, a large, brass-handled pistol braced across one forearm.

I know what’s coming in the next episode.
It will be interesting to see how far they take it and what kind of a reception it will get.

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