OK, I’ve spent my morning catching up on some sleep.
Dharma actually had a good night last night and went back to school today.
I did a quick Tesco shop and have just finished having a cuppa while watching the pilot episode of a new TV show.

It’s a show called ‘Forever’ starring an old favourite of mine, Ioan Gruffudd.
He plays a character called Henry Morgan, a New York City medical examiner.
He just happens to be immortal and has spent the last 200 years trying to find out how to end his curse.


It struck me towards to end of the episode that is feels like an amalgum of two of my favourite shows.
Highlander from the 90’s about an immortal Scot fighting his way through history trying not to lose his head and the current Sherlock series about the infamous detective and his sidekick Dr Watson.

It was an interesting start and I’m interested to see where they are going to take it.
I just hope that they can keep giving it plenty of twists and turns to keep it fresh otherwise the premise of the series could go stale quite quickly.

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