General diary entries


So I wake up to the news this morning that my favourite member of Take That has left the band!!!
If I were still a teenager, I’d be crying into my pillow all day.
I know that Gary, Mark and Howard have said that they will continue, and I know they can, but I STILL haven’t seen them in concert and now that Jason has left I don’t know that I want to.

Jason orange

And now for something completely different!!!!

We also wake up to the success story of India’s interplanetary space probe mission to Mars.
Apparantly it has successfully beamed back it’s first images.

mars 1

I’m happy for them.
They have proved that it can be done on a much smaller budget…… but it’s still a £75 million pound budget.

And there’s my issue.

I cannot get it out of my head that a large portion of this country still lives like this.

India 1

India 2

And yet their government thinks it’s more important to get a probe to Mars.
That money could have been better spent on cheap housing with basic running water and decent sewer systems!!
If they can get a probe to mars for £75 million, I’m sure they could manage some basic housing.

There are going to be people screaming at me saying ‘IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE’
Well actually, yes it is…. you don’t spend money frivolously when a large percentage of your people are living in slums.
You sort the slums out first!

It does make my blood boil sometimes, seeing Governments put frivolous things ahead of it’s citizens.
It’s not just India either.
All Governments do it to some degree, it’s just that this one stands out like a sore thumb.

And finally…..

Low-level classroom disruption hits learning, Ofsted warns……


This all started around the time I left school when corporal punishment in schools was banned.
Slowly but surely, after that, all forms of discipline that teachers had at their disposal were taken away from them.
They aren’t even allowed to shout at a child anymore for fear of being sued by a parent for mental trauma!!

It’s ridiculous.

Some of the best teachers I had were some of the strictest.
A few in particular had great aim with a piece of chalk and if that didn’t work, the board rubber followed!!
That said… their classes were ALWAYS controlled and quiet and the work got done!

In my entire life at school, there was only one teacher who couldn’t handle a classroom.
Mrs Hartop!!
Sadly, she was my maths teacher which might explain my aversion to maths today!!!

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