General diary entries


I’m feeling a bit like the energizer bunny……..


Drained. Totally drained.

I felt like complete poo yesterday but I made it to the end of my shift…… almost.
They let me out a little early.
Anyway, things haven’t improved much today.
I’m not feeling like poo anymore, I’m just sooooo tired.

Dharma isn’t well at the moment.
She’s got a cold with a hacking cough and has been coughing her lungs up througout the last three nights.
Last night her Cystitis decided to join the party.
The first night she was coughing a lung up, there was a point when I thought she was actually choking so I leapt out of bed to check on her and I’ve tweaked the muscles between my shoulder blades.

Anyway, I have Thursday and Friday off to try and catch up on some sleep.
I’ve got one unit of college work to get finished before the end of the month if I’m to stay on track.
I might actually see if I can get some done at work today.

Friday is payday!!
Not that it’s going to last long. As usual.
We’ve gone a little mad with the spending this month and Me and Ian have bought some much needed clothing for ourselves for a change.
A few things needed sorting around the house too.
Thankfully Ian has been doing a ton of overtime so over the next two months we should just about get the cards paid off again.

What an exciting life I lead.

Right, time to get ready for work.

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