General diary entries


Poor Dharma.
She was determined to get a better start to this year at school and so far she’s had a day off last week because of tummy issues and then she developed a cold with a hacking cough over the weekend and has been off school today because she didn’t sleep all night.
I actually pulled my back out when she woke up coughing at three AM because I thought she was choking!!
She now tells me her chest hurts when she’s breathing so it looks like we are going to have to get someone to check her out at the walk in centre.
On top of all that, we are still waiting for an appointment with Orthopaedics because of her knee which is getting worse!!
It never ends with Dharma at the moment!!

Anyway, other than that, I’ve had a fairly quiet day.
Ian brought home a HUGE bag of apples that a friend gave him at work and dropped and even bigger hint that he loved apple pies so I nipped to Tesco for some pastry and some blackberries and proceded to make 3 apple pies and 2 apple and blackberry pies.
That should make him happy before he goes back into work for his fourth night shift in a row!!

Right, off to see the quack!

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