General diary entries


This has been the longest few days without a post this year so far, I believe.

Anyway, there’s not been much to tell because not a lot has happened.
Marjorie and Dharma went to school with only one minor hiccup from Dharma who was sick for a day.
Murron has had her first three full days at college and is absolutely loving it!
Ian is still doing a ton of overtime.
Work for me has been busy to say the least.

I finished my shift on Friday knowing I had three days off.
However, Friday and Saturday evenings were both invaded by teenagers who were staying over for a double sleepover for Marjorie’s birthday.
I’m now in the middle of a mass cleanup while she’s in town.

I have however, just stopped to take a breather while the house is quiet.
I took my chance to watch last nights episode of Outlander.
I think I now need a cold shower!!!
It was beautifully done.

Claire and Jamie looked amazing!

Claire wedding dress

Jamie wedding outfit

Both in and out of the wedding outfits!!!

It has struck me like a ton of bricks how true to the books the show is being.
They have taken Diana Gabalden’s descriptions of people and surroundings and duplicated it without question.
The show is literally as I had pictured it when I first read it. Her descriptions are THAT good!

Usually when you watch something made from a book you’ve read and loved you will always feel that something was missing.
They didn’t get something you had pictured in your head quite right.
So far, I haven’t felt like that at all.
The show has been perfection.
Here’s hoping it continues in the same way and that UK TV bosses get their heads out of their arses and buy it!!

Right, back to the clean up and then a glass of wine and a movie.

Slàinte Mhath!

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