General diary entries


I can’t say it’s been a good week this week.
I’ve been so busy at work I’ve been coming home exhausted.
Ian is doing so much overtime over the next two weeks I will barely get to see him.
Marjorie has been off school a couple of days with migraine which looks like that was a build up for a full on cold.
I did manage to get out with Ian on Tuesday for Breakfast and some retail therapy.
On Thursday we had a call from the GP to discuss Dharma’s MRI results which don’t look good.

Although there is no sign of ligament damage, the joint is showing signs of degeneration unusual for a child her age.
So now we have to wait for an Orthopaedic appointment.
It also looks like she has a nasty ingrowing toenail to deal with too!
Needless to say she is always in pain and is getting very grumpy.

About the best thing to happen this week was Murron’s induction at college.
She came home so happy and fired up about the course.
I’m so relieved.
I haven’t seen her that excited about education in well over a year!!

So, after spending all day yesterday relaxing with my movies, this afternoon is going to be spent catching up on some college work.
It will be another week before I can do any more, so I had better make the most of today.

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