General diary entries


Outlander spoilers so please do not read if you don’t want to know anything.

I can’t believe we are already up to episode 6 of Outlander.
It only seems like 5 minutes ago I was waiting for months in anticipation of it starting!
Thankfully, all that waiting has been worth it.

The series so far has been amazing.
I am awestruck at how accurate the characters have been.
My favourite book has quite literally been coming alive.
Now that I am re-reading the second book, I am finding it even more enjoyable now that I can put the faces to the characters.

Last night’s episode was hard to watch.
The entire episode was set around Claire’s meeting with the General of the local Garrison, accompanied by Dougal who was not exactly welcomed warmly.

Outlander 22

Things were going well and Claire was offered escort to Inverness which would mean the chance for her to get back to the standing stones at Craig Na Dun and the possibility of getting back to her own time.
All well that is, until the arrival of Captain Jack Randall!!

Outlander 16

Outlander 17

The Garrison are thrown on alert after an attack and Claire is left alone with Randall who regales her of the story of Jamie’s flogging.
100 lashes, twice in a week!!
We’ve seen the mess Jamie’s back is in in previous epsiodes.

Outlander 25

This episode went into the whole sordid story as told by Black Jack Randall.
This is the moment you learn to hate him with a passion, as does Claire.

Outlander 18

Outlander 20

Outlander 19

Outlander 21

However, this is also where the books take a crucial turning point.
After managing to leave the Garrison with Dougal on the promise that he hand her over to Fort William for more questioning tomorrow, Dougal comes up with a plan to protect her.

Outlander 23

Outlander 24

Yes, next weeks episode is going to be very interesting indeed!!

Although I don’t understand the ‘only two episodes left’ statement.
I know they have made 16 episodes for the first season.
Are we going into a hiatus? I know the americans love their hiatus’
However, I find them very frustrating!!!

I still cannot believe this show hasn’t been picked up by a UK channel.
It’s almost as if they are holding off until after the vote for Scottish independence!
Do they think that a reminder of times past will sway the vote to ‘Yes!!’
Who knows?
All I know is that it will be a crying shame if this show doesn’t make it to UK TV.
For a show based in the UK and filmed in the UK it just seems preposterous that it isn’t shown in the UK!

Anyway, it’s going to be a long week before episode 7!



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