Dish of the Weeks


Dish of the Week number 59 is another strange attraction.

Chris Pratt.

I have only seen him in Guardians of the Galaxy and in that he is the cheeky, groovy, accidental hero Starlord.

chris pratt 1

chris pratt 2

Although he had buffed up quite nicely to play Starlord, he is probably better known for a TV series called Parks and Recreation.
In that his chracter is not exactly into healthy living. He loves his food and drink.

chris pratt 3

It would seem that Chris also loves his food and drink.
He’s certainly not an actor that spends all his spare time in the Gym. He enjoys his life.
He’s doing something right because he’s married to Anna Faris.

chris pratt 5

From the interviews I’ve seen him do for Guardians of the Galaxy, he comes across as a bit of a joker and a thoroughly nice bloke.
We will see him next year, all pumped up again, for the new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World.

chris pratt 4

So there you have it.
Probably one of the most down to earth people on my Dish of the Week list so far.
I would love to sit across a table from him with his wife and my husband and enjoy a good meal, a few pints and a good laugh!!

I think I may just have to give Parks and Recreation a go.

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