Dish of the Weeks


Right, I haven’t given you a dish of the week since the end of May!!
Today I will be delivering 2!

The first one is a Man that first came to my attention back in 2004 in a short lived TV series called ‘Wonderfalls’
Lee Pace.
10 years younger than me and a scrummy 6 foot 5 inches tall!!!


Then it wasn’t until a TV series called Pushing Daisies that ran from 2007 – 2009 that I saw him again.

Pushing Daisies

Then I noticed him in Twilight: Breaking Dawn.
I was dragged along to the cinema to watch these movies by one of my daughters.
At least this one had a bit of decent eye candy!!

breaking dawn

Looks like movies are now well and truly on the menu because he then became King Thranduil in the Hobbit movies.

thranduil 1

thranduil 2

The third in the series is Due this December.
Can’t Wait.

If that wasn’t enough he also cropped up, looking very different, in my favourite film of the year so far.
He played Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ronan 1

He currently has a film in pre-production for next year.
Prisoner of War.
He has the starring role and IMDB states….
The story of humankind’s last stand against a cataclysmic alien invasion.
Set in the war-ravaged African countryside, a U.S. soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive the alien onslaught.
Their bond will be tested as they search for refuge across a crumbling world.

I really hope it’s a good one and we get to see Lee in a lot more in the future.

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