General diary entries


How do I feel?…..

Let’s see.

Right now I feel a bit tired and just a tad pissed off!
Why you may ask?

Well I’m in the middle of 4 x 12.5 hour shifts.
The first two shifts were two of the busiest I’ve ever had and this is supposed to be my day off before the next two shifts.
It is now 17:15 and I STILL haven’t sat down.

I’ve been to Tescos and I’ve spent the rest of the day clearing up other people’s crap!!
Ian is at work so can’t really moan at him but all three of the kids have just cleared off out without even asking if I needed any help.
I guarantee it will all be undone while I’m at work tomorrow.

Ian’s just started a two week run of mega overtime totalling 156 hours!!! So he’s going to be next to useless on the three days off he’s got.
I have three units of college work to complete before October and my garden is depressingly overgrown.

I really don’t know why I bother sometimes.

Where’s the beer?

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