General diary entries


After a loooooong sleepless weekend I still couldn’t sleep in past 8 this morning.
I have managed to relax and take things easy though.
However, I have to get Murron to an Orthodontist appointment in half an hour and Marjorie has a dental appointment at 14:45.
Between those appointments I’ll need to do a Tesco shop.
I have to remember pack up stuff for the kids to go back to school with tomorrow!! Yippee!!!

After the kids have gone off to school tomorrow I’m having my roots coloured.
I have to get Ian to the Train station at 14:30 and Dharma has an MRI appointment for her knee at 17:25.

So it’s two days off filled with appointments.

There is one more appointment to remember this week and that’s a fracture clinic appointment for Dharma at 10:15 on Friday.
First week back at school after the summer holidays and Dharma already has to take time out for a hospital appointment.
We wanted her to improve her attendance this year after the disastrous few months from October to January but it would seem that fate has different ideas.
With the ongoing problem with her knee I have a feeling a few more trips to the hospital are going to be needed.

OH well, better get Murron into gear for the Orthodontist.

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