Month: September 2014


Before I end the day with a bit of Joel, I managed to squeeze in a bit of Henry!

Henry - 1

Henry - 2

There’s always room for Henry!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Chronicles of Riddick
Cold Light of Day

Now I just need to choose which Joel film I’m in the mood for to end the day.
That could take the rest of the evening!!
I think I will flip a coin between ‘Easy Money’ and ‘In Your Veins’

Night Y’all


Just to make my day off even better, I’ve just logged onto my college account to see if my last 2 units have been looked at.
Turns out they’ve been looked at, checked and signed off!!

That means I am now officially half way through my course and on track for an early completion around May next year.
Barring anything going wrong with life in general!!


OK, the decision has been made.
Today is a day off.
Mum has been round and caught up on my ironing.. (spoilt!! I know!)
Ian is in bed because he’s on nights, so I can’t do any hoovering.
I’ve got dinner sorted and had a quick tidy up.
I have three days off over the weekend for a real clean up around the house.


Today is going to be a movie day.

I’ve had a couple of hours to think it over and I have come to the conclusion that today I am definately in the mood for a bit of this!

today 01

And this.

today 02

Possibly a little of this.

today 03

I might end the day on a litte of this!

today 04

A few nibbles, a couple of beers……
Could be a perfect day!


So that’s it then?
Half way through the first season of Outlander and now we’re having a hiatus.
The americans love to have a hiatus.
How long will this break be?

6 MONTHS!!!!

6 MONTHS!!!!

I may just cry.
They can’t do that to me.
I waited 15 years after my first reading of Outlander (Cross Stitch) to see this brought to the screen.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would get it as right as they did and now, just as we are really getting into the swing of things, they’re having a break.


Well, with any luck, in that time a UK TV channel will be smart enough to buy it and air it.

So where have they left us?


‘I’ll thank ye,’ said a cool, level voice, ‘to take your hands off my wife.’
Jamie was crouched in the window frame, a large, brass-handled pistol braced across one forearm.

I know what’s coming in the next episode.
It will be interesting to see how far they take it and what kind of a reception it will get.


OK, I’ve spent my morning catching up on some sleep.
Dharma actually had a good night last night and went back to school today.
I did a quick Tesco shop and have just finished having a cuppa while watching the pilot episode of a new TV show.

It’s a show called ‘Forever’ starring an old favourite of mine, Ioan Gruffudd.
He plays a character called Henry Morgan, a New York City medical examiner.
He just happens to be immortal and has spent the last 200 years trying to find out how to end his curse.


It struck me towards to end of the episode that is feels like an amalgum of two of my favourite shows.
Highlander from the 90’s about an immortal Scot fighting his way through history trying not to lose his head and the current Sherlock series about the infamous detective and his sidekick Dr Watson.

It was an interesting start and I’m interested to see where they are going to take it.
I just hope that they can keep giving it plenty of twists and turns to keep it fresh otherwise the premise of the series could go stale quite quickly.


So I wake up to the news this morning that my favourite member of Take That has left the band!!!
If I were still a teenager, I’d be crying into my pillow all day.
I know that Gary, Mark and Howard have said that they will continue, and I know they can, but I STILL haven’t seen them in concert and now that Jason has left I don’t know that I want to.

Jason orange

And now for something completely different!!!!

We also wake up to the success story of India’s interplanetary space probe mission to Mars.
Apparantly it has successfully beamed back it’s first images.

mars 1

I’m happy for them.
They have proved that it can be done on a much smaller budget…… but it’s still a £75 million pound budget.

And there’s my issue.

I cannot get it out of my head that a large portion of this country still lives like this.

India 1

India 2

And yet their government thinks it’s more important to get a probe to Mars.
That money could have been better spent on cheap housing with basic running water and decent sewer systems!!
If they can get a probe to mars for £75 million, I’m sure they could manage some basic housing.

There are going to be people screaming at me saying ‘IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE’
Well actually, yes it is…. you don’t spend money frivolously when a large percentage of your people are living in slums.
You sort the slums out first!

It does make my blood boil sometimes, seeing Governments put frivolous things ahead of it’s citizens.
It’s not just India either.
All Governments do it to some degree, it’s just that this one stands out like a sore thumb.

And finally…..

Low-level classroom disruption hits learning, Ofsted warns……


This all started around the time I left school when corporal punishment in schools was banned.
Slowly but surely, after that, all forms of discipline that teachers had at their disposal were taken away from them.
They aren’t even allowed to shout at a child anymore for fear of being sued by a parent for mental trauma!!

It’s ridiculous.

Some of the best teachers I had were some of the strictest.
A few in particular had great aim with a piece of chalk and if that didn’t work, the board rubber followed!!
That said… their classes were ALWAYS controlled and quiet and the work got done!

In my entire life at school, there was only one teacher who couldn’t handle a classroom.
Mrs Hartop!!
Sadly, she was my maths teacher which might explain my aversion to maths today!!!


I’m feeling a bit like the energizer bunny……..


Drained. Totally drained.

I felt like complete poo yesterday but I made it to the end of my shift…… almost.
They let me out a little early.
Anyway, things haven’t improved much today.
I’m not feeling like poo anymore, I’m just sooooo tired.

Dharma isn’t well at the moment.
She’s got a cold with a hacking cough and has been coughing her lungs up througout the last three nights.
Last night her Cystitis decided to join the party.
The first night she was coughing a lung up, there was a point when I thought she was actually choking so I leapt out of bed to check on her and I’ve tweaked the muscles between my shoulder blades.

Anyway, I have Thursday and Friday off to try and catch up on some sleep.
I’ve got one unit of college work to get finished before the end of the month if I’m to stay on track.
I might actually see if I can get some done at work today.

Friday is payday!!
Not that it’s going to last long. As usual.
We’ve gone a little mad with the spending this month and Me and Ian have bought some much needed clothing for ourselves for a change.
A few things needed sorting around the house too.
Thankfully Ian has been doing a ton of overtime so over the next two months we should just about get the cards paid off again.

What an exciting life I lead.

Right, time to get ready for work.