General diary entries


It’s been a good few days off.
I’ve managed to get a couple of trips to the cinema in to see ‘Lucy’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy again!!
It just keeps getting better with every showing.

Marjorie had steroid injections into her foot on Thursday but the initial pain is still subsiding so we don’t really know if there’s been any improvement yet.

We took all the kids out for a breakfast on Friday.

Actually managed to do a bit of clothes shopping for myself and Ian.
That alone is a miracle!!
Can’t remember the last time we were able to do that.

I dropped Ian off at the Manor Hospital at 07:30 this morning for facet joint injections into his spine.
I picked him up at Midday and now I have the rest of the afternoon to chillax before work tomorrow.
Time to crack open a bottle of wine and watch some movies.

My next days off will have to be spent on some college work.
Don’t want to fall behind on the schedule.

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