General diary entries


After spending the morning taking Dharma to the GP and Marjorie into town for a bit of retail therapy, I’ve been relaxing a bit before going for an emergency trip to the dentist at 16:30.
I started to notice a sharp pain in one of my teeth when chewing last night and thought I’d better get it looked at before it becomes a full on tooth ache!!

Anyway, a little while ago the door bell rang and there was little Lorna, one of our old neighbours kids.
A few weeks ago Murron rallied the troops in our old street and got all the kids to help make and sell Loom Band bracelets for the charity which is a young peoples breast cancer awareness charity.
They raised £51 that day and it would appear that little Lorna has continued the great work and has added to the pot by another £13!
What a little star!!

Murron has a few more ideas planned to raise more although the next one was supposed to be a cake sale today which she forgot all about!!!
Thankfully she hadn’t sent out any fliers otherwise I would have had people knocking on the door all day with nothing to give them!!

Apart from a re-arranged cake sale, Murron has a couple of parties planned and she’s having friends over for a Boob Fire Night in November.
Some of Murron’s friends may be doing a gig for her and Dharma wants to do a sponsored silence.

They’ve started all this completely on their own.
I’m so proud.

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