General diary entries


It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend.
I did a Tesco run yesterday to last until payday and I did a bit of tidying up.
With Ian on nights and sleeping during the day I can’t do any hoovering and that’s really frustrating because the house REALLY needs it!!
Think I’ll do that after Ian has left for work tonight.

Yesterday afternoon I helped Marjorie film her ice bucket challenge.
She did really well I think.
I’m happy that she actually found out what it was all about before she did it.
I think there are a lot of people out there doing it for the fun of it and not really understanding why it’s being done and that’s sad.

Anyway, I sat and watched the new Dr Who with the kids last night.
We were not impressed!!
I found it so tedious that I actually fell asleep.
After seeing other peoples oppinions I may just give it another go as some point today because it sounds like it picked up after I fell asleep.
I’m not holding out much hope.

This morning I watched episode 3 of Outlander and it continues to bring my favourite book to life with amazing detail.

Outlander 15

I am ammending slightly what I said a few posts ago, at the pace they are taking it, I predict the event the book fans are waiting for will take place over episodes 4 and 5 but possibly 5 and 6.
Like I also said, they are taking their time and doing it right!

So! back to today.
With Ian sleeping, I can’t make too much noise so hoovering is out of the question and so is picking a movie to watch because I can’t pump the sound up!!
So, I may just make use of my unlimited cinema card and go and watch ‘Lucy’ at lunch time.

So that’s it, a relatively relaxed weekend although I really must get that hoover out later.

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