General diary entries


It’s been a good week.
Work went well, my college work is up to date and I got good feedback from my assessor at a review.
Murron’s room move went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would and Murron has totally accepted it without any arguements.
Murron also got her exam results on Thursday and that wasn’t as bad i I expected it to be either.
Murron knew and we knew that she wouldn’t be straight A’s but she got what she needed to back up her college course and that’s all that matters.

Marjorie has been swept up in all the ALS ice bucket challenges this week.
She actually took a look at Anthony Carbajal’s challenge on Youtube and was convinced enough to donate her pocket money and do her own challenge!!

So here she is.
Just in case you don’t get what she’s saying, because she’s a bit giggly and nervous, here is what she’s saying.

‘OK, It’s my turn for the ice bucket challenge!!
I know you’re probably getting a bit bored with this by now but I found out why this needed to be done.
Because not enough people are suffering and dying from ALS, it is not considered ‘profitable’ by pharmaceutical companies.
So the only way this terrible disease is going to be cured is by charitable donations.
I’ve donated my pocket money this week. OK it’s not much but if everyone gave just a little it would mean an awful lot!
If you still need convincing, check out this Anthony Carbajal’s ice bucket challenge on Youtube and make sure you watch it the whole way through!!

and here is Anthony Carbajal’s
It gets serious at around 2 minutes and will really make you understand why these challenges are doing a great thing.

It’s a lot of fun watching all the celebs have a go and challenging each other and that bit of fun has raised over a staggering 50 million Dollars so far!!

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