General diary entries


Why do I do it to myself?

I was enjoying a lovely day off work safe in the knowledge that I was up to date with college work.
I literally had nothing to do except a quick Tesco run.

I sat and watched Mrs Doubtfire with Dharma and Marjorie this afternoon and then it happened……..

I took a bin bag and went around all the rooms in the house to empty the bins.
I stood in Murron’s doorway to take in the view before me.
Took a deep breath and nearly vomited!!
I couldn’t believe it, I was digusted.

Enough is definately enough!!
I am fed up with spending my days off tidying her room.
The only reason I do it is quite simply because she doesn’t!!
She’s been warned time and time again amd threatened time and time again and today was the last straw.

She’s going into the box room tomorrow and Marjorie will be taking ownership of Murron’s room.
Poor Marjorie was good enough to let Dharma have the middle room  a few months ago so I think she deserves it.

Murron is now aware and is not argueing with me.
I kept my cool and fought my arguement
My foot has finally been put down!

My Mum doesn’t like it and she keeps throwing my room as a teenager back in my face and yes, I was untidy and I’m not denying it, but not to this extent at 17!!
The fact is, if my mother didn’t keep telling the kids I was just as bad, then maybe they would actually tidy their rooms when I asked them to!

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
Especially if Mother comes round!!

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