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I have just spent the morning catching up with episode two of Outlander.

They are definately getting it right and they are not rushing through the book.
All the characters are coming to life.

Scotland itself will definately be benefitting from the success of this show.

Outlander 11

Outlander 12

Outlander 13

Outlander 14

I have just dusted off my old copy of Outlander (Cross Stitch here in the UK)
I have worked out the sections used in the first and second episodes and I will stake a bet now and say that the event most fans of the book are waiting for will be split across 2 episodes.
They will be episodes 4 and 5 if I’m correct!

The next episode will see Claire settling into her new life, reluctantly and a gathering of the clans at Castle Leoch and an oath taking ceremony.

All I can think of though is how physically and mentally pulvarised Jamie will be before the end of the first series.
Think I will need to keep a good stock of tissues handy.

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