General diary entries


As I sit here with my morning cuppa waiting to go to work, I am flicking through the usual stuff.
Facebook, BBC News, Tumblr…..

In the back of mind I’m thinking…. ‘tonight is Outlander night!!
I can’t wait for morning cuppa tomorrow!!

Then I come across a snippet of news.
Outlander has already been given the go ahead for a second series!!!
Based on the second book in the Diana Gabalden series called ‘Dragonfly in Amber’

I am half way through reading this book again.
It’s going to be hard enough watching the rest of the first series knowing what happens to the two main characters, I don’t know if I can handle book two aswell!

They have a lot of confidence in this show obviously.
I just hope it takes off.
I would love for it to make it through all the books!

Right, off to work.

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