General diary entries


I woke up this morning with a cunning plan.

It’s my only day off in the middle of four long days and as I’ve been fighting something off this week, I really wanted a quiet day.
I knew this would not be happening with Ian and all the kids at home.

So! I got up early, got dressed, wrote a shopping list for the next 4 days and added some packup stuff to it.
On my way to Tescos I woke Ian up, informed him to get Marjorie and Dharma ready as they were going out for the day.

When I got home, he had decided on going to the Shuttleworth collection.
This had a bonus.
Murron had Arthur staying over last night and they are both doing the same mechanics course at college.
As soon as they found out Ian was going to the Shuttleworth collection they wanted to go too!!

So here I am in a beautifully quiet house for the enitre day!!
Even my Mum is not coming around today.
Time to chill.

Is it too early for a Pina colada?
OK, that may be pushing it….. for a few hours at least!!

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