General diary entries


OK, I succeeded in getting the husband interested in Outlander.
As a Scot himself he was intrigued with how they would be portrayed and I don’t think he was disappointed!

I for one, have just done something I haven’t done in over 5 years!
I’ve grabbed some images.
Oh if only I were still doing the artwork for collector fayres.
I would have given my right arm for a computer package that took grabs like this 10 years ago and now it comes as standard with Windows!!

Oh well, meet James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser and Claire Randall, AKA Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe.
After Reading the books I had a firm picture in my head about what these characters should look like and interact with each other.
If I had any doubts prior to seeing this episode they were blown away as Jamie and Claire quite literally walked off the pages of the book.

I know what lies ahead for Claire and especially Jamie in this first season and my heart is already breaking!
I just hope the rest of the season is as good, if not better than this first episode.

Outlander 08

Outlander 02

Outlander 03

Outlander 04

Outlander 05

Outlander 07#

Outlander 09

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