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I am one very happy bunny this morning.
I will be clearing my Sunday morning diary for the next 16 weeks, for Sunday mornings will now be know as ‘Outlander’ mornings.

Sassenach, the first episode in the new series ‘Outlander’, aired last night in the US.
They have got is so right that I had a stupid grin on my face through the whole episode.
From the moment Claire started to narate with words taken directly from the book I was hooked.
Then the opening titles started and the theme song played and the hairs went up on the back of my neck!
The Skye Boat song complete with pipes and drums!!!

I had blogged in the past that I was a little unsure about the actors chosen to play Jamie and Claire but now that I have seen them in character I am reassured.
The fireworks are definately there!!
Jamie himself has quite literally jumped from the pages of the book and couldn’t be any more perfect.

With another 15 episodes of the season to go I just hope it stays as good as this.
I hope that it will get picked up soon by UK TV.
As it is set and filmed in Scotland it would be criminal for it not to be.

Jamie and Claire

The first episode ends as Claire arrives at Castle Leoch for the….. I would say first time but it is technically her second time as she has seen it in ruins in the past….. no the future!!
Yep, timey wimey stuff can be a real headache!!

Whatever…. can’t wait for episode 2!!

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