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I went back to work on Monday after 2 weeks of annual leave.
It wasn’t a bad week.

I now have three days off and I suppose I had better get back on top of the housework and get some college work done.
I do want to try and spend a day out with the kids on Monday though.
If the weather is good, a trip to Salcey Forest may be in order.

Anyway, back to today.
I need to think about a trip to Tescos to get food in for the next couple of days.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
A TV series I have been waiting for for over a year…… actually nearer ten years since I started reading the books!! is airing for the first time in the US.

I still have no idea if it will make it to UK TV but I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t!

I recently found this posting from the author, Diana Gabalden on be asked about this very question.

Just a Note on International Sales of the OUTLANDER TV Show:

We’re getting a lot (make that a LOT) of inquiries as to whether/when the new Outlander TV show will be shown in the UK, Australia, Spain, Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden…you name it.

OK. This is actually not anything I personally have the slightest thing to do with, but I do know how it works, so let me explain what I know:

1. “Outlander” is be a cable television show. Not a movie. Not a mini-series. A regular weekly show on a premium cable channel (Starz), aka Game of Thrones or True Blood.

2. There will be 16 episodes in the first season, guaranteed. (This means it can’t be canceled midway through the season. Also, 16 episodes is a _big_ commitment. As George RR Martin said to me when I told him we got sixteen episodes, “What?!? We only get _ten_!!” <g>)

According to Ron Moore (whom I trust <g>) this means that they’ll be _roughly_ covering one book per season—but if the show is successful (and we certainly hope that it will be), then as we reach the longer books, material may be readjusted slightly as necessary to fit the seasonal format without losing important parts of the story (i.e., VOYAGER _might_ conceivably cover more than one season. As Ron has put it to several fan groups—“I should have such problems.”)

3. Now, follow me like leopards through this bit, as it’s complicated:

a) The Sony Corporation owns the actual film rights to “Outlander” (and its sequels). However, they license the production to

b) the Starz premium-cable channel. This means that

i.Starz is actually _making_ the show, and in return,

ii. Starz then has distribution rights in the United States—but _only_ in the US.

c) So, SONY is responsible for making the show available in other countries. They would naturally LIKE to do this, to as great an extent as possible, since that’s how they make money off the show.

I have really high hopes for this show.
Just look at the committment to 16 episodes. Game of Thrones only gets 10!!

I have no idea what channel will pick it up in the UK.
Needless to say, I am already champing at the bit for Bluray to get the most out of all that beautiful scenery…… and actors!!

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