General diary entries


I was having a little chuckle to myself when I got home after a lovely evening out with Mick and Chris to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.
I was trying to find a photo of some camouflage kilts that I had see recently to show Mick when I came across this….

Kilts 1

After a spark of an idea was given to me by Chris over dinner, I found this picture to be quite apt!!
I decided to make it the cover photo on my Facebook page!!

The timing of the photo couldn’t have been better.

It all came about because we started to discuss a new TV series over our dinner.
A series that I have blogged about before, many moons ago.
Back in July 2013 I found out they were making my favourite books into a TV series.
Not a small production either!

‘Outlander is based on a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon which tell the story of Claire and James Fraser, a couple who time travel between 18th and 20th century Scotland.
It will be set in Scotland, with the production company planning to build a new television studio and production base near Glasgow.’

Yep, they built their own production base!
They have said that this will be the Scottish ‘Game of Thrones’ and I can only hope it’s as successful because these books will make a fantastic series for quite a few years to come!

I cannot wait to meet James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser!!

The show starts this weekend, hence the photo on my FB page!


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