Film Reviews


Well, I didn’t get out to the cinema this afternoon because Ian needed some sleep after coming off of night shift this morning and before we go out tonight.
So what I did do was watch a film I picked up at Tescos instead.
It’s a film I didn’t actually get to see in the cinema.

It’s just finished and I can honestly say, I think?…I enjoyed it but for all the wrong reasons!!

The film?

The Legend of Hercules


I love these Greek/Roman themed movies!!
I love the look.
The togas, the cloaks, the leather….oh the leather!!!, the armour, the sandals.
Of course the actors wearing the costumes don’t hurt one little bit!

Gerard Butler in 300


Henry Cavill in Immortals

Immortals 3

Russell Crowe in Gladiator


You get the idea.
So when I watched this film, I found myself quite mesmerized by images like this…..


and this…..


and this….


oh, they added water too!!!…..


Anyway, as you can see I was quite taken with this film.

The acting was, in most cases, diabolical and although the overall look of the film was beautiful, it had some wobbly moments.
Most notably with the most atrocious computer rendition of a lion I have ever seen!
They can bring dragons and dinosaurs to life and make them look convincing but they still can’t get a lion right!

There were also a couple of quick shots early on in the film where the characters are on the run on horseback and there are a couple of quick shots of them riding directly at the screen and the green screen of the scene behind them is laughably bad.
It reminded me of 80’s car shots where the actors are sat in a stationary car being rocked from side to side by assistants and then a truly bad moving background being added after the fact!

By todays standards…. it really was that bad!!
That really is a shame because it DID have some really stunning shots.
The opening scene in particular was very well done with it’s one long camera shot through all the action.

Anyway, like I said, I loved this movie for all the wrong reasons.
As a film I wouldn’t recommend it but if you love the togas and sandals look you’ll love it!!

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