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The Killing Series 4
There are going to be spoilers so reading on is your own choice.
Don’t complain to me if you ignore the warning.
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I have just finished a marathon.
I wish I could say I had just run 26 miles but the exact opposite is the truth.
I have literally just watched the last ever 6 episodes of The Killing on Netflix.
With the exception of a small break to go and feed Mum’s fish and water her plants, I sat and watched them back to back.

Am I happy?


The series follows on from where series 3 ended.
There are 2 story lines on the go.
Holder and Linden trying to cover up what Linden did at the end of Series 3 and a new murder investigation is under way.
Unlike the first two Series and the third Series, you really should go with the obvious from the start in this one.
They try to throw you off the scent a few times but it all comes crashing back to the obvious from episode 1.
That’s not to say that it still isn’t a shock!

As for Linden and Holder, my earlier prediction about Linden throwing hersefl on the fire to protect Holder was nearly right.
I just didn’t expect the last minute appearance of Darren Richmond from the first two Series and the overall cover up to protect the department and in doing so, clearing Linden and Holder.

I did like the way they jumped about 6 years into the future at the end so that we could see Holder with his baby girl.
He’s obviously not with the Mum any more but he is none the less happy and content with his life, finally.
Just to stir things up though, Linden makes a reappearance and for one awful moment I thought he was going to get ‘friendzoned’ again.
Happily, I was wrong but we still didn’t get that kiss!!!

A good ending to a great series.
I just wish it could have gone on for a few more years.

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