Month: August 2014


I’ve spent the afternoon with my feet up watching ‘Gladiator’ followed by something a little more light hearted, ‘Leap Year’.

I’m now trying to decide what film I will end my day on with one last glass of wine.
As I ponder over my DVD collection I have come to the sudden realisation that… ok I know I’m at work tomorrow…. but most importantly it means I won’t be able to watch the next episode of Outlander until I get home after 8pm tomorrow evening!!!

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenszie Fraser is going to have to wait a little bit longer this week.

Outlander 2

But he’s worth the wait!!


It’s been a good few days off.
I’ve managed to get a couple of trips to the cinema in to see ‘Lucy’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy again!!
It just keeps getting better with every showing.

Marjorie had steroid injections into her foot on Thursday but the initial pain is still subsiding so we don’t really know if there’s been any improvement yet.

We took all the kids out for a breakfast on Friday.

Actually managed to do a bit of clothes shopping for myself and Ian.
That alone is a miracle!!
Can’t remember the last time we were able to do that.

I dropped Ian off at the Manor Hospital at 07:30 this morning for facet joint injections into his spine.
I picked him up at Midday and now I have the rest of the afternoon to chillax before work tomorrow.
Time to crack open a bottle of wine and watch some movies.

My next days off will have to be spent on some college work.
Don’t want to fall behind on the schedule.


After spending the morning taking Dharma to the GP and Marjorie into town for a bit of retail therapy, I’ve been relaxing a bit before going for an emergency trip to the dentist at 16:30.
I started to notice a sharp pain in one of my teeth when chewing last night and thought I’d better get it looked at before it becomes a full on tooth ache!!

Anyway, a little while ago the door bell rang and there was little Lorna, one of our old neighbours kids.
A few weeks ago Murron rallied the troops in our old street and got all the kids to help make and sell Loom Band bracelets for the charity which is a young peoples breast cancer awareness charity.
They raised £51 that day and it would appear that little Lorna has continued the great work and has added to the pot by another £13!
What a little star!!

Murron has a few more ideas planned to raise more although the next one was supposed to be a cake sale today which she forgot all about!!!
Thankfully she hadn’t sent out any fliers otherwise I would have had people knocking on the door all day with nothing to give them!!

Apart from a re-arranged cake sale, Murron has a couple of parties planned and she’s having friends over for a Boob Fire Night in November.
Some of Murron’s friends may be doing a gig for her and Dharma wants to do a sponsored silence.

They’ve started all this completely on their own.
I’m so proud.


It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend.
I did a Tesco run yesterday to last until payday and I did a bit of tidying up.
With Ian on nights and sleeping during the day I can’t do any hoovering and that’s really frustrating because the house REALLY needs it!!
Think I’ll do that after Ian has left for work tonight.

Yesterday afternoon I helped Marjorie film her ice bucket challenge.
She did really well I think.
I’m happy that she actually found out what it was all about before she did it.
I think there are a lot of people out there doing it for the fun of it and not really understanding why it’s being done and that’s sad.

Anyway, I sat and watched the new Dr Who with the kids last night.
We were not impressed!!
I found it so tedious that I actually fell asleep.
After seeing other peoples oppinions I may just give it another go as some point today because it sounds like it picked up after I fell asleep.
I’m not holding out much hope.

This morning I watched episode 3 of Outlander and it continues to bring my favourite book to life with amazing detail.

Outlander 15

I am ammending slightly what I said a few posts ago, at the pace they are taking it, I predict the event the book fans are waiting for will take place over episodes 4 and 5 but possibly 5 and 6.
Like I also said, they are taking their time and doing it right!

So! back to today.
With Ian sleeping, I can’t make too much noise so hoovering is out of the question and so is picking a movie to watch because I can’t pump the sound up!!
So, I may just make use of my unlimited cinema card and go and watch ‘Lucy’ at lunch time.

So that’s it, a relatively relaxed weekend although I really must get that hoover out later.


It’s been a good week.
Work went well, my college work is up to date and I got good feedback from my assessor at a review.
Murron’s room move went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would and Murron has totally accepted it without any arguements.
Murron also got her exam results on Thursday and that wasn’t as bad i I expected it to be either.
Murron knew and we knew that she wouldn’t be straight A’s but she got what she needed to back up her college course and that’s all that matters.

Marjorie has been swept up in all the ALS ice bucket challenges this week.
She actually took a look at Anthony Carbajal’s challenge on Youtube and was convinced enough to donate her pocket money and do her own challenge!!

So here she is.
Just in case you don’t get what she’s saying, because she’s a bit giggly and nervous, here is what she’s saying.

‘OK, It’s my turn for the ice bucket challenge!!
I know you’re probably getting a bit bored with this by now but I found out why this needed to be done.
Because not enough people are suffering and dying from ALS, it is not considered ‘profitable’ by pharmaceutical companies.
So the only way this terrible disease is going to be cured is by charitable donations.
I’ve donated my pocket money this week. OK it’s not much but if everyone gave just a little it would mean an awful lot!
If you still need convincing, check out this Anthony Carbajal’s ice bucket challenge on Youtube and make sure you watch it the whole way through!!

and here is Anthony Carbajal’s
It gets serious at around 2 minutes and will really make you understand why these challenges are doing a great thing.

It’s a lot of fun watching all the celebs have a go and challenging each other and that bit of fun has raised over a staggering 50 million Dollars so far!!


OK, I’m up, I’m dressed, I’ve had my coffee.
I’ve contemplated the task long enough.
It’s now time to get cracking.

Murron stayed at her boyfriend’s house last night so I haven’t got to worry about dragging her out of bed.
She left here last night resigned to the fact that I am swapping bedrooms around today but I don’t think she really thinks I’m actually going ot go through with it.

She’s in for a surprise when she gets home then!

This is going to be a herculean task and is going to take all day.


Why do I do it to myself?

I was enjoying a lovely day off work safe in the knowledge that I was up to date with college work.
I literally had nothing to do except a quick Tesco run.

I sat and watched Mrs Doubtfire with Dharma and Marjorie this afternoon and then it happened……..

I took a bin bag and went around all the rooms in the house to empty the bins.
I stood in Murron’s doorway to take in the view before me.
Took a deep breath and nearly vomited!!
I couldn’t believe it, I was digusted.

Enough is definately enough!!
I am fed up with spending my days off tidying her room.
The only reason I do it is quite simply because she doesn’t!!
She’s been warned time and time again amd threatened time and time again and today was the last straw.

She’s going into the box room tomorrow and Marjorie will be taking ownership of Murron’s room.
Poor Marjorie was good enough to let Dharma have the middle room  a few months ago so I think she deserves it.

Murron is now aware and is not argueing with me.
I kept my cool and fought my arguement
My foot has finally been put down!

My Mum doesn’t like it and she keeps throwing my room as a teenager back in my face and yes, I was untidy and I’m not denying it, but not to this extent at 17!!
The fact is, if my mother didn’t keep telling the kids I was just as bad, then maybe they would actually tidy their rooms when I asked them to!

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
Especially if Mother comes round!!