General diary entries


OK, I’m into the last 4 days of my annual leave.
The garden has been tidied.
The house is clean and I’m nearly on top of the ironing.
Time to start thinking about getting back to work on Monday.

So, today is going to be spent finishing that ironing and making sure the house stays tidy and possibly a trip to the cinema tonight!

Marjorie has an appointment at the hairdresser’s at lunchtime.
She has incredibly thick, long and wavy hair that is a beautiful blonde colour.
However, she is not a girly girl and apart from a quick brush in the mornings she does absolutely nothing with it!
It’s heavy, it’s hot, it’s rats tails!!
So she has made the decision to get it all cut off and go for a lighter, choppy bob style that she can just get up and go with.
Nanny is going to kill us!!

Tomorrow is going to be a complete chillout day.
August the 1st can only mean one thing this year.
The Killing’s final season makes it to Netflix!!
Can’t wait to see how it all ends.
If it’s not a happy ending for Holder I may just cry!!
So, got to top up the nibbles and plonk today and maybe invest in a box of tissues.

This weekend I intend to do a little top up shop on Saturday morning and then do nothing except soak up some sun.

OH yes! I made the decision to book the house for a holiday to York next year.
We are going away next year whatever!!

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