General diary entries


Another summer comes and goes.
The kids are happy enough being able to sleep in till lunch and then spend the rest of the day meeting up with friends.
Murron is nearly 17 so when she does finally make it out of her room she disappears just as quickly and I don’t see her again until bedtime.
Sometimes I’m lucky if I see her at all with a boyfriend who lives outside of Bedford and drives.

I’m feeling a little bit down today.
Thinking back, we’ve only been able to afford 2 family holidays in 16 years!
I desperately want to take the kids away next year but Murron has already said she’d rather have a bit of cash in her pocket and stay at home with her mates!

Going abroad is out of the question because none of us has a passport so that will immediately cost us either £309.50 if we apply online or by post or £353.25 if we use the Post Office Check and Send service.

We had made some plans up until a few weeks ago, to think about a holiday to York next year.
We had finally, after 10 years of fighting, just managed to get our finances back under our control.
Unfortunately, fate had other plans and my car failed it’s MOT and Ian’s car died completely!
So, we had to run one of our credit cards up again and WHAM, the money we wanted to set aside for a holiday next year was now paying off a credit card again!!

Now, we have a decision to make.
We ‘could’ still go on this holiday to York next year.
Ian gets a bonus in March. It’s not guaranteed but he hasn’t missed one yet.
I can start to weasle away a little bit each month and if nothing else goes wrong over the next year, we still have a credit card we can utilise if needed.

And there’s the sticking point…. ‘IF NOTHING ELSE GOES WRONG’!

I’ve found a lovely house to rent just outside the walls of York centre and with a back garden that faces the river.
This is the view from the back garden looking towards the city walls.

Garden view York

It’s available for the week we want.
Both Me and Ian have already secured that week off work next year.
It’s also our 21st wedding anniversary next year and in that same week.

So we just need to stretch our current credit card a little bit to secure a deposit.

My heart is telling me to go for it but my head is saying don’t take the risk.

I am determined to make a decision today.

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