General diary entries


Ian phoned our Local authority to find out what was actually being offered with their subsidised travel offer for Murron.
They couldn’t confirm anything!!
So we still don’t know if Murron is getting a bus pass or if she is having to put up with a set service that ties her to pick up and drop off points and times or if there are any limits to when she can travel if she does have a bus pass.
If we pay per term, this will cost US £426  which works out to £47.30 per month over the nine months she’ll be in college.

After checking with the bus service Stagecoach, we have found out that a monthly Mega Rider that allows murron unlimited travel within Bedford town, a servive that covers her travel to college and any travel into town to see her friends when she wants, will only cost us £45.50 per month and therefore only £409.50 over the nine months she’ll need it!!
This is cheaper for us that having to pay towards a subsidy.

Just who the hell are our Local Authority using if they are not using the local bus service?
Whoever they are using, if parents are still being asked to pay over £400 they are being ripped off and so are the people that pay their Council Tax!

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