General diary entries


I am steaming mad right now.
Probably shouldn’t even be attempting to blog but I’m just so gobsmacked I’m in tears!!

Murron goes to college in Sept and needs to get there by bus every day.
A bus pass will cost her £13 a week which works out to £468 for the nine months she’ll need it.
The college will provide a Travel bursary of £450 IF and ONLY IF the council turn us down for subsidised transport.

We received a letter from the council this morning saying that they will indeed offer subsidised transport but it is going to cost us £378!!
How the F### is that subsidised?!!! when the college will pay almost in full.

To add to our kick in the teeth, because we’ve been accepted for the subsidised transport the college won’t pay if we turn it down.
So we have no other option than to go with the council’s very ungenerous offer.

We can’t win.
We’ve just got all our credit cards clear after countless years of struggling and within a week we’ve had to fix my car, buy Ian a new car and now it looks like we’re going to have to pay the local council for the privelege of bussing our daughter to college.
Would it really be asking too much for the local council to support students and just give them a bus pass?!!!

Yes, apparantly it would.


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