General diary entries


My annual leave has begun.

We picked up Ian’s new car at lunchtime yesterday and he’s mega pleased with it.

We then spent the afternoon at the Bedford River Festival….. as a family!!
All 5 of us for a good hour until Murron got a call from friends and then couldn’t ditch us quick enough!
Anyway, had a lovely stroll up one side of the river, watched the raft race and walked back down the other side of the river before strolling through the park and then heading home.
The weather was lovely but humid and the rain held off until we were on the way back to the car.

So, what am I up to today?
Ian is at work, Murron is STILL in bed, Marjorie and Dharma are both at school and Mum and Dad are on holiday.
I am going to have a good tidy up and then I am going to start a small project.
Really going to miss Mum over the next two weeks!! Got to keep on top of the washing and ironing!!

I managed to get hold of an old three drawer filing cabinet from Freecycle.
With my college work, all the personal paperwork and Murron starting college in Sept, I desperately needed more filing space so I asked for one on Freecycle.
I was lucky enough to be offered one.
It’s a proper large metal office filing cabinet and came stuffed with suspension files too!
I just need to clean it up and decorate it a bit to blend in with the movie theme of the living room.

So, I took a trip to Homebase this morning to get some paint and glue and new handles.
I wanted to take a look at their selection of pull handles but was severely disappointed.
They have a huge selection.
The handles are all displayed on cabinet doors and when you find what you want, you open the door and take what you need from the box behind the door.
Although they have a huge selection of handles and knobs, most of the cabinets were empty or had nothing more than a single handle or knob inside!!
I eventually found a pre-packed set of four that would fit my cabinet but considering they were the ONLY ones that would fit and I only actually needed 3 of them, I wasn’t best pleased and told them so at customer services.

Anyway, that’s my day planned.

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