General diary entries


Yesterday was a little more productive and I actually got some college work going.
I made a good start on my safeguarding unit.

What a nightmare!
I have found a new level of respect for our safeguarding team at work.
I don’t think I could take it on as a job!

Anyway, today is apparantly going to be the hottest day of the year so far.
We’re actually giving Barbados a run for its money.
What am I going to be doing?

Finishing this Safguarding unit, that’s what.
My living room is lovely and cool so it’s probably a good place to be today.

I am determined to get this unit finalised and uploaded to my portfolio.
I’m working the next two days and then I have 2 weeks off and I want to know that I am up to date with my college work so that I can totally relax.
I just want to pootle around in the garden and the house and do what I want when I want for a change.

Right, TV off, music on, let’s get cracking.

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