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What happened to filling in a simple form to get a yes or no answer?

I have literally just spent the last hour trying to find a form to fill in for Murron to claim the £450 travel assistance she is entitled to when she starts college in Sept.
As her campus is more than three miles away, it will be enough to get her a bus pass each week.

There is a simple form from the college and they will pay ‘IF’ our local authority turn us down.
However, finding the form to fill in with the local authority is a nightmare.
To be honest, I don’t think there is one.
I’ve landed on the Student Finance England site over and over again and have needed to set up an account with them to get anywhere.
They are talking about ‘loans and finance’ and not bursaries.
Murron needs to ‘prove’ that she’s a British National by supplying passport details which she doesn’t have because she doesn’t have a passport!!
Therefore she needs to supply info up the ying yang to get anywhere.
You’d think she was applying for a mortgage and not just £450

I have given up on that one and have contacted Beds Borough Council directly.
Someone is going to call me back with ‘hopefully’ a simpler way of claiming this money.

I can but hope, otherwise I may just shoot myself.
I now have a headache.

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