General diary entries


OK, I had a really busy day on Monday followed by a really booooring clinical update day yesterday.
I now have, technically, 3 days off until two shifts over the weekend.

I say ‘technically’ because I’m supposed to be having a 1 to 1 meeting with an assessor for an hour today about my college work.
Unfortuantely I have no car and I’m not prepared to spend ove £10 on taxis or an hour each way on the bus just to get to the hospital for a 1 hour chit chat.

With Ian’s car….. dead as a dodo, he’s using my car for a while.
Thankfully, he’s on secondment for the next few weeks which means we can run with only one car.
He usually works 12 hour shifts all over the place, like me, but at the minute he’s doing 9-5, Monday to Friday so he can drop me at work in the morning and then pick me up in the evening.
However, on a day off, if I have anything to do during the day, unless I can walk, catch the bus or get a taxi, I’m stuck!

Since they changed the direct bus route it now takes just under an hour to get to the hospital by bus!! Ridiculous.
A taxi is going to cost over £5 one way. Since we are again tryng to save money for a new car, that’s not happening either.

So, my plan is to spend, at least today, catching up on college work so I don’t feel so guilty.

Might squeeze in a movie…… or two!!

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