General diary entries


I have a tendency to blog before I think.
I think I’ve been getting better but I did ruffle at least one person’s feathers yesterday and I really didn’t mean too.

I blogged about Joel and the ‘Hip Hop’ look he was snapped wearing.

I don’t think I made myself very clear.
I think Joel getting out and about and enjoying what he likes is great.
If he’s in to Hip Hop, that’s his choice.
On the whole the hip hop look is not too bad.
I love him to pieces and always will.

What does it for me is those STUPID CAPS!!
You know the ones they insist on wearing at an angle.
And then the ones that go to the extreme by wearing trousers you could fit three people into and then they wear them hanging under their backside with the crotch around their knees.
Not to mention piling about 10 pounds of gold chains around their necks.

When I saw this….



In my head I actually saw this!!!!……

hip hop

Because of the way I blog, gushing about movies and men, I don’t think a lot of readers realise that I’m actually a 44 year old mother of three.
Hense my blog title, Mumofthreedevils.

One of my daughters bringing home a boy dressed like that second picture is one of my biggest nightmares.
The first boyfriend to use the word ‘yo’ or the phrase ‘ya know wut a mean’ or any kind of gangsta phrase in general is going straight back out the front door!

Every generation has a fashion faux pas.
I grew up during the 70’s and 80’s.
I had to endure flares, shoulder pads, ra ra skirts and big hair!


Anyway, Joel can be into whatever he wants to be into.
I just don’t like that cap!!
If he hadn’t been wearing it in that photo it would have been perfect.
He’s smiling!!

So, for anybody reading my blogs in future…..
People can be into whatever they want to be into, it doesn’t mean I have to like it or agree with it.
I do like to give my opinion and I know that not everyone will agree with that opinion. That’s their choice and my right.
I try to be diplomatic about what I say but it doesn’t always come across that way after a few reads.
So if I offend or upset anyone, it’s not done intentionally, I promise!!

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